Guardians can easily, regardless of platform, notify when someone else will pick up the kids or when they will be absent.

New course in Outdoor pedagogy

Our sedentary lifestyle challenges the capacity for natural movement that our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

Outdoor pedagogy can be part of the solution to the problems that lack of physical activity causes!

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SCM Secure brings out the creativity in preschool and involves parents in what happens at school, while providing control and relief for the educator.

K-12 Education

SCM Secure gives the teacher a broad platform for course material and is specially adapted to evaluate and assess students on the basis of knowledge. Both students and guardians can take part of the material.

Higher Education

SCM Secure offers a broad arsenal of components that together create a highly integrated platform. With the latest technology, usability, accessibility and safety for users is guaranteed.

SCM Secure

  • Complete Learning Management System

    SCM Secure is created from the ground up as an innovative cloud service, which involves all the processes and needs in the school environment. The learning platform has specifically customized components that are optional for preschool and universities.

  • Unique Applications

    The cloud service provides specialized apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs, making it easy to view lessons from home or to listen on the way to school as a podcast. With the teaching app the teacher can record and make lessons available with only three clicks.

  • Unique Technology

    SCM Secure is at the forefront of its technology. The applications utilizes hand recognition, which allows for a secure identification when handling papers, and a seamless boundary between paper and digital worlds, as there is no need for a login password.



The SCM Secure registration of Hand ID is done with encryption and is the basis for a higher dimension of security.

Edublog station

Users can easily put papers or 3D objects on the table. These are saved directly to their individual digital picture archive, without login.

Drop off & Retrieve

Parents can update when they drop off or retrieve their child from school via the hand sensor, without logging in to the system.

Exam Scanning

Already at test submission a secure transfer is made from paper to digital, so that the teacher can start assessment immediately.


A setup which enables both paper and 3D objects to be fed into the system easily and stored as digital, accessible objects.

Flipped Classroom Manager – Recording

Tools for lecturers where a lesson and its presentation materials can easily be recorded and distributed to the selected course.

Flipped Classroom Manager – Playback

Tool that lets students take part in lectures and other course material where, when they can not be physically present.


Teacher certification is recommended for correct handling of the platform and to strengthen the legally secure grading.

Comments on 
Smart Classroom Manager

Per Måhl / Teacher

Today most tests are written on paper. But with the SCM Secure the papers are saved digitally as soon as they are handed in after the test. I have never seen anything similar on the market and it saves a lot of time. Now the teacher can correct whenever he has five minutes left before class and do not have to carry around papers!

Bo Sundbladh / Senior Lecturer

I was pleased to see how the system supports a formative attitude towards learning and that it also supports assessments based on different knowledge areas in a simple way. It makes the decision-making for grading clear both for teachers, students and their guardians, already at an early stage.