Attendance & Biometrics

  • Step by step instructions

  • 1. Parent arrives at the nursery setting.

  • 2. Parent puts their hand on the biometric sensor.

  • 3. Parents choose which child to "check in".

  • 4. Staff immediately pick up information in the app.

  • Done!

With our biometric sensor,
you get:


Increased security

Increased security when you leave and pick up the right person to pick up and leave the child..

Increased focus

Increased focus on responding to the child’s needs when staff can meet the child instead of needing to “checking in” the child.

Real-time information

Increased security in case of pre-school evacuation due to real-time information.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs for staff planning cane be done based on real time data the children and staff and ensure the correct number of children and the right number of staff is in place.

Payroll system

Reduced adm costs, when staff can ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ and this can be linked directly to the payroll system.


Student attendance

Students can check in for the lesson to help the teacher with the attendance records. This can then transferred to DFE.

Real-time attendance

Immediately get an notification which students have recurring absence on certain lessons through real-time presence.

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