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SCM Secure


SCM Secure brings out the creativity in preschool and provides guardians and educators an insight into the children's development. The learning platform facilitates cooperation between carers and educators, providing more security and control for both parties.

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K-12 Education

SCM Secure gives the teacher a broad platform for course material and is specially adapted to evaluate and assess students on the basis of knowledge. Both students and guardians can take part of the material.

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Higher Education

SCM Secure offers a broad arsenal of components that together create a well-integrated platform to conduct training. With the latest technology usability, accessibility and safety for users is guaranteed.

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Course planning is well integrated with the other components and provides a focal point for information.

Have Your Say!

SCM Secure adapts to users in the school environment where the Have your Say-function plays an important role.


The Forum acts as a hub for communication between individuals on multiple levels such as class, course, and school.


News serves as a clear and simple channel of communication from staff to groups such as class, course, and school.


The schedule is integrated with the learning platform and displays relevant information in the best possible way.


Task planning supports a knowledge-based evaluation and provides a clear feedback to the students.


For each course there is a solid platform that clarifies what is to be performed and what is relevant within the course.


Handling of tests support open as well as anonymous handling of tests and also correction of tests, written on paper.


Course evaluation provides anonymous communication from student to educator which can be used for further development.

Group Work

The cooperation area streamlines teamwork by providing a common connection point for digital cooperation.

Picture Diary

The Picture Diary gives the school, groups or individuals their own space for documenting their activities or creations, by description or pictures.


Statistics are collected and presented at different levels, for teachers, principals and guardians.

Comments on SCM Secure

Kopal Maheshwari / Director, Little Einsteins Preschools

SCM has helped us enable child security and manage preschool through technology. The parents get timely information and live updates about their child in school. It has helped our school parents and teacher bond well and work together for the holistic development of the child. The team at SCM is very supportive and understands the Indian preschool requirements well.

Arnold Malniak / Professor Director of Studies, Stockholms Universitet

Flipped Classroom Manager is a very innovative product with wide areas of use.

Max Waltman / Ph D Candidate, Stockholms Universitet

A very good product that I believe will result in a powerful influence among the users.