You need your whole body to learn!

Outdoor pedagogy is rapidly engage more and more teachers to fully understand the effects and benefits on the child’s learning.

High quality research is confirming the effect on moving and learning, movement and increased intelligence and outdoor space and more effective teams and collaboration. Also bullying is decreasing with outdoor pedagogy and the physical health is increasing with when we use the context of being outside.

The stresshormon, kortisol is decreased in green and blue environment as well as the “happy” hormone serotonin is increased. So being outside is good for body and soul both for children and staff. Gives increased learning and increases social interactivity.

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The Aunties is the first nursery in the UK to use SCM Secure’s biometric PalmSecure solution

The Aunties’ Old School Nursery in Oxford has become the first nursery in the UK to use Swedish SCM Secure’s biometric PalmSecure™ solution.

SCM Secure, an innovative start-up company focusing on the education market, has signed an agreement with The Aunties’ Old School Nursery in Oxford. The Aunties’ Old School Nursery was established by the Enjily family almost 30 years ago, and remains a family-run nursery which also specialises in outdoor education. Fortsätt läsa

Enabling Environments: Outdoors – Get out!

Swedish science and outdoor education expert Dr Anders Szczepanski discusses the benefits of being outside with Annette Rawstrone in Britain’s largest Education Magazine – Nursery World Magazine. Every month Nursery World Magazine reaches 10,333 subscribers of the printed distribution and via Digital distribution: more than 130,000 monthly unique users via Fortsätt läsa

Chief Technology Officer to leading biometric Edtech – SCM Secure

Regarding the job

SCM Secure a new innovative start-up which is already a global leader in the biometric edtech segment. The modular cloudsolution Smart Classroom Manager is created from the ground up as an innovative cloud service, which includes all the processes and needs in the educational field. The learning platform has specifically customized components that are optional for preschool and all up to universities. Fortsätt läsa