Chief Technology Officer to leading biometric Edtech – SCM Secure

Regarding the job

SCM Secure a new innovative start-up which is already a global leader in the biometric edtech segment. The modular cloudsolution Smart Classroom Manager is created from the ground up as an innovative cloud service, which includes all the processes and needs in the educational field. The learning platform has specifically customized components that are optional for preschool and all up to universities. The cloud service provides specialized apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs, making it easy to view lessons from home or to listen on the way to school, train through gamification but as well through learning analytics understand where the student is in its learning path. The applications utilize biometric hand recognition, which allows for a secure identification when handling papers, and a seamless boundary between paper and digital worlds, as there is no need for a login password.

Technology platform

Smart Classroom Manager gives the student, teacher and head of schools a full-fledged platform to learn, analyze and distribute information, to learn and to share knowledge. Be Smart – with teacher time, school resources and the staff. With SCM Secure’s solutions for the educational space, it’s easy to centrally get an overview of crucial information that decision makers need to make informed decisions for the organization. At the same time, they help increase security, and allow the teachers to cut down on administration.

Through Smart Quiz the students can learn via gamification. Teachers are better decision makers through learning analytics to secure better statistics and to build upon the students learning, linkage for matching between test and where the students are in their learning journey.

With Smart Paper we give universities possibilities to increase security during exams to be sure of that the right student are present during exam and lessen fraud at examtaking.

With Smart Exam we can also digitalize exams and lock down the student’s computer completely while an exam is being written, allowing the student to access nothing but the exam itself. Smart Exam is also built for collaboration between teachers by placing all the exam questions created into a shared database that the teachers can access.

Biometrics can be added to SCM Secure’s solution Smart Classroom Manager, to help educational organizations increase security, lessen administration and automate processes. No more forgotten passwords, NFC cards, RFID tags or the wrong person getting access to information they shouldn’t. By utilizing the individual uniqueness within every person, the biometric solution adds a layer of efficiency to SCM Secure’s solutions, while making sure that the right person has access only to allowed information and functionality.

The role

As Head of Technology/ CTO, you will be responsible to grow and lead our team of developers, make architectural decisions, oversee software development and be an active part of the management team. To follow the process and secure delivery on time as well as being a part of the team which meets the customer to understand their needs. Follow new legislations such as GPDR in EU, as well as in countries where SCM Secure is present in to secure compliancy to those legislations.


  • A Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Sciences
  • A solid understanding of database development
  • Knowledge of Firebase, React, Javascript or Cake PhP Framework
  • Knowledge of frontend development
  • Experience with Android and IOS app development
  • 10+ years’ work experience, with a few years as Team Lead or CTO
  • Strong experience with database design, performance optimization and front end
  • Experienced in both traditional and agile project management methods
  • Creative and efficient problem solver
  • Excellent Leadership skills

Additional information

You must be authorized to work in Sweden.
Please note that our working language is English and it is NOT required that you speak Swedish.
The position is a full-time employment, located in our office in Stockholm.

Send your application with a short personal introduction and CV to us as soon as possible to
Please state “Head of Technology/ CTO” in your application.