Smart Classroom Manager for preschools

Smart Classroom Manager for preschools is developed for the many and varied needs of preschools. The system is meant to be an administrative tool for the staff at the preschool, but also for staff that works with the organization, but in a more central role.

The system supports everything from staff-administrative tasks to the pedagogical documentation, the attendance registration and the communication towards and with the guardians.

Smart Classroom Manager is developed in close discussions with preschool staff, management and politicians, in order to utilize their knowledge and understanding of the education industry.

Smart Classroom Manager offers, amongst other things, the following functionality:

Drop Off & Retrieve

The Drop Off and Retrieve function is used to monitor and securely register all attendance and absence from the preschool, while at the same time giving the staff a joint overview of the attendance. All staff can view, verify and update the children’s presence on site, as they are dropped off or picked up. Information regarding where the children are located, today’s notes, information regarding other retrievers and absence notifications are shown in the attendance list to give the staff an easy overview of important, child-specific information, that’s relevant during the day.

The Drop Off and Retrieve function can be accessed by staff from anywhere via mobile devices, while guardians can, at all times, update information about if there’s a change of the person retrieving the child from preschool. This means that the staff always have updated and correct information about the children’s attendance as well as their retrieval information.

Attendance Registration

Drop Off and Retrieve also has an option for parents to assume the responsibility for registering their children’s drop-off or retrieval themselves, using the biometric palm-scanning system.

The biometric palm sensor not only provides a higher level of security, it also allows staff to give their undivided attention to the children at these important transition times. At the drop off or retrieval, the guardian’s hand is scanned and the child’s attendance is updated automatically.

Absence & Recovery Notes 24/7

A convenient tool that easily allows parents and guardians to report a child’s absence at any time of day or night, from any location. It can be used either via a browser or from the smartphone app. The system can also automatically remind a guardian if they’ve forgotten to mark their child as absent. The reminder can be set to be sent out to the guardian, for example, 15 minutes after the scheduled drop-off time has passed. This is to ensure that the information is sent to the preschool, so that they can plan their day. In the same way, the guardians can send in recovery notifications when the child is supposed to return to the preschool, helping in the planning of staff and food.

News & Forum

This function enables effective and professional two-way communication between guardians and preschool staff. No more crumpled notes in the bottom of a backpack letting you know about swimming on Thursday. Guardians can now receive a notification on Wednesday evening with a reminder to pack the requisite items.

News alerts can be sent either to the wider school community, or specific target groups. Files can also be attached to messages and the notification system can be activated if needed.

EDUblog & Statistics

The EDUblog is an efficient way to share what occurs in preschool with parents and guardians, and also to easily document individual children’s learning. The EDUblog is linked to the curriculum objectives and therefore also a quality assessment tool for preschool teachers.

Parents, guardians, grandparents, and other permitted parties can receive notifications when the child’s educational blog is updated.

Based on the EDUblog-posts that have been made, the children that have been tagged in the posts and the curricula tags that have been chosen, the preschool will receive statistics around how they have worked towards the curricula, along with which children and curricula goals that have been worked with less.

This information is excellent for planning of the pedagogical activities, and giving a good overview of the current pedagogical work being done. It can also be used as the foundation for the quality assurance work within the organization.

Staff Overview

The Staff Overview is used to gain a better understanding of how the actual attendance of both staff and children look, as well as the scheduled attendance. This tool gives the user a clear picture of the ratio between the number of children present and the number of staff, meaning that it’s easy to see where more staff resources are needed.

By utilizing the Staff Planner in the daily work, the organization can reduce its costs by utilizing current and existing staff instead of hiring substitute teachers. It allows for decreased stress amongst the staff, since it’s easy to spot where extra resources are needed, and also easy to redirect needed resources to the right place. The system then allows for a simple transfer of resources within the preschools where the user’s access can easily be transferred with them to the new child group or preschool. Since the access to information based on the role and situation.

The exchange of staff creates an atmosphere that encourages peer coaching, whilst at the same time it creates a continuity for the children and increases the security. Sharing of staff recourses also help increase the quality of the educational activities.

Staff Scheduling

The tool helps the scheduler at the preschool with the staff’s schedules based on the children’s scheduled times, and other parameters that needs to be taken into consideration. For example, employment degree, shifting opening and closing, the supposed number of children per staff resource, shared planning time, etc. When all of the parameters have been added, the tool then creates the basic staff schedule.

EDUstep Planner

A powerful tool that allows teachers and staff to plan, evaluate and reflect upon projects. Support are built into the tool to connect projects to curricula goals and for staff to collaborate in a shared space. Further functionality also allows for staff to reflect upon a project together as peers, while there is also the possibility to comment. Projects can be shared amongst colleagues, and the user chooses if they only want their colleagues to have read-rights or edit-rights.

This tool can be integrated towards Office 365 or G-suite for Education to further enhance the collaboration space.

Development Review

An efficient and user-friendly tool that allows the user to book development reviews. It can be either between the staff and the guardians or between the employer and the employee. Reviews can either be scheduled at a specific time with a certain individual, or by allowing a block of time to be made available, where each individual chooses the time that suits them.


An easy-to-use tool for creation, sending and follow up of surveys. The surveys can be adapted and sent out depending on what the preschools want to enquire about. Maybe it’s a survey to the guardians, or maybe to the staff. The surveys can be sent to the wider school community, or specific target groups, and can be adjusted accordingly. Then sender of the survey can also see which individuals that haven’t answered the survey, and can send reminders to them to have them answer.