Smart Exam

Smart Exam Scmsecure

With SMART EXAMS and through usage of modern technology at examination times, no teacher will have to spend days or weeks grading exams in the future. This is due to the fact that parts of the process will be auto­mated.

This also means that costly admi­nistrative work can be removed from the teachers through the digitization of exams. Parts of the exams can be ‘self-correcting’, while other parts will be corrected digitally by the teachers. The teachers will also have everything gathered in one place, they won’t have to carry around paper exams, be more environmentally friendly and last, but not least, they will be able to co-grade the exams together with their colleagues. The exams can be anonymized, which allows for a more equivalized correction of the exams. It will also be easier for the students to edit texts, which saves them time.

Teachers can also share their questions and thoughts with other teachers, which increases peer-to-peer coaching and an environment of collaboration, instead of the teachers working in silos. This leads to simpler, more efficient, and more transparent processes both for the students and the teachers.