Smart Paper

Digitalise your paper exams

Smart Paper is an easy way to authenticate students when they are taking their exams, as well as making the transition from paper to digital seamless. Through the process, not only is the student authenticated and verified for that particular exam, the exam is also transformed from paper format to a digital one.

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  • Step by step instructions

  • 1. Exam paper is placed into the document scanner

  • 2. Student is identified using the biometric handscanner

  • 3. Exam paper is uploaded to Smart Classroom Manager

  • 4. Examiner corrects the exam using Smart Classroom Manager

  • Done! The test results are now ready to be published for your students.

Why use Smart Paper?

Student involvement

Smart Paper enables peer assessment, and self-assessment saving teachers' time and improving students' understanding of course content.

Simultaneous sharing

Smart Paper allows access to all relevant teachers and authorised markers.


No test papers will be lost because the test is uploaded to the student's SMART Class Room Manager portfolio.

Remote marking

Papers can be easily marked by teachers regardless of location.

Immediate feedback

Test results and comments can be quickly and easily shared with students, parents, and guardians.

In higher education Smart Paper
can be used in the following way

A student has finished writing their exam, and walks up to hand it in to the teacher. The teacher askes for the student’s identification, verifies it against their list of approved students, checks if all of the student’s pages is marked with the students temporary AID-number (Anonymous Identification number), then counts the number of exam-pages that the student want to submit, notes the number down, and then accepts the exam. Then the teacher continues on to do this for the 299 other students that are taking the same exam.

It’s a painstaking process, and ends up with a large amount of paper for the teacher to carry around when they are correcting and grading the exams, making it hard to share this task with colleagues as well as making it impossible to correct the exams anywhere at any time, since the exams need to be brought with the teacher in order for them to be able to correct them. But the low reliability of being certain that the student who is supposed to be writing the exam, really is the one taking the test is still a massive problem in today’s world.

But just imagine if you instead of this long and harrowing process not only could verify and ensure that the correct student is taking the exam, but at the same time transform that paper-based test into a digital copy. That’s what you can do if you utilize Smart Paper.

Smart Paper is built upon the student biometrically verifying themselves when handing in their exams, by first placing their exam papers in a document scanner, and then placing their hand on the biometric sensor. The sensor scans the student’s hand, and the teacher then gets notified if the student is supposed to be taking the exam or not. If the student is supposed to take the exam, the teacher approves the student’s submission and the exam-papers are scanned, anonymized and saved in the cloud, where all the teachers that have the right to grade in a certain subject can be given access to the exams. This means that not only do the teachers not have to cart around the examination papers, and can grade exams wherever whenever, but they can also grade the exams together as peers. Ensuring a fairer grading for all students.

The solution is mobile and easy to set up, and require a laptop, a document scanner, the biometric hand-sensor as well as SMC Secure’s software.

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