Smart Quiz

Digital quizzing with your students

With SMART QUIZ, the teacher can awaken curiosity and encourage studying through gamified learning. It works like a quiz in different subjects, where the student can choose to play by themselves or with other students.

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  • Step by step instructions:

  • 1. Teacher creates the questions.

  • 2. The questions are sent to the students.

  • 3. The student answers the questions on their mobile device.

  • 4. The teacher gets instant overview of the students understanding of the subject.

  • Done!

Learning-based Questions

As a teacher, you can tag questions to the curriculum or choose to share and access other teachers' questions on different topics. In this way, the teacher gets a growing and updated questionnaire to publish various quizzes on the course. You can also involve students to contribute questions and challenge each other. Before the lesson ends, you can, as a teacher, give your students 'exit tickets' to gain an insight into where the students are in their learning after the briefing lesson.

With quick feedback, the teacher can further stimulate knowledge acquisition between the individual-level lessons. The next lesson can then be adapted to become more student-centered and build on what different students can.

If desired, Smart Quiz allows students to create questions in the system themselves, which they can challenge their schoolmates. In this way, the learning of the students increases.

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