Smart Quiz


Smart QuizWith SMART QUIZ, the teacher can awaken curiosity and encourage studying through gamified learning. It works like a quiz in different subjects, where the student can choose to play by themselves or with other students.

As a teacher, you can tag questions towards the national curricula or choose to share and get access to other teachers’ questions in diffe­rent subjects. This way, the teacher gets an ever growing and updated pool of questions they can use while creating quizzes for the students, within the framework for the course. The teachers can also involve the students by asking them to create questions and to challenge other students in a quiz challenge. Before the class ends, the teacher can get an increased insight into where the students are in their learning process of the subject discussed by asking “exit-questions”.

With quick feedback, the teacher can continue to encourage knowledge gathering between classes at each student’s individual level. The next lesson can then also be customized to become more student-centric, and that it continues to build upon the different knowledge foundations of the students.

If chosen, Smart Quiz allows for the students themselves to create questions, that they then can use to challenge classmates in a quiz. Thusly increasing the students’ learning.