Teacher at preschool

You as a teacher in pre-school or kindergarten now have the chance to take a big step into the future.

We provide new technology, developed together with colleagues to you that will both facilitate your work, but also save time so you can give as much focus as possible to the children.

In pre-schools that use the system, one can clearly see the benefits for children, parents and educators. The contacts and messages with guardians can att be found in one place and all teachers have access to it through a phone, pad or computer.

Hand scanning

Many preschools have chosen to also give parents the opportunity to register the arrival or the retreival of his or her children to the pre-school and thus further relieve educators so they can be with the kids instead. Through a hand scanner and hand recognition an ID is created for the user. The technique is more unique than the fingerprint pattern, providing a more secure ID-checking.

To check the identity of the user, the parent only need to put his or her hand on the sensor, which recognizes the hand pattern and identifies the user directly. In this way we eliminate the need to log in with the traditional user tasks. By pressing a button the child is registered as “left” or “retrieved” at the preschool. All data is stored and updated in real time and educators have continuous access to updated information on who is available on site.


The system also includes apps for Android and iOS which parents can register their sick children or communicate other important things 24/7. If someone else picks the baby up someday this info can easily be put into the system as well and the information is clearly available to educators who do not need to ask, call or communicate extra stuff that takes time from being with the children.

Should you need to contact a guardian acutely, they are just two klicks away through the updated presence list for each child where even more information that you may need concerning each child can be found. This is also good for a substitute teacher, for example, which can become more self-sustaining faster and you don’t have to consult regular teachers about everything.

Edu blog station

The big gain of this system is the possibility to involve the children in the documentation of what you do at preschool. The educational blog document your observations and learning that takes place for both individual children and groups. Through images and movies that you can take with your phone, you can easily illustrate the things you want to save. Through an educational blog station with a hand scanner and a webcam it is possible to include documentation by children themselves from age three to save their creations. Drawings, builds, crafts and fine sticks from the forest all are saved automatically in each child's portfolio in the educational blog when they log in with their hand in the hand scanner.

Curriculum tags

To connect the educational blog's content to the preschool educational planning can and should be done through that each post is linked or tagged with the curriculum's goals and guidelines. That way you as educators get an overview over time both of how well you work with the whole curriculum in all its parts but also how well each child takes part in different activities you do. A simple qualitative monitoring of your educational work in which you, as educators can analyze and adjust what is needed.

Since everything is now documented in one place, we take the opportunity to exploit the potential and share the documentation of every child with the child's guardians through the app in the phone or via email. Information previously collected in binders and distributed twice a year is now shared when it is created.

The dialogue between parents and children upon retreieval and in evenings will be so much richer when you can refer to something that the child have saved during the day. Additionally, we fulfill the important requirements of autonomy in the curriculum by making it possible for the children themselves to do the documentation only with the touch of a button.

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