Henrik Lindberg
Project Executive

Systems Analyst
Principal project manager for all development, nationally and internationally

Daniel Wåhlstedt

Responsible for the company's finance and accounting in cooperation with the CEO

Emilie Wallfors

Responsible for support questions

Other Contributors

J Bergqvist
Business Dev. & Co-Founder

Works with business development and is responsible for the global expansion of the SCM Secure as a company and concept.

C Frank
Web Design

Responsible for developing and refining the company's website, smartclassrommanager.com, English and Swedish version.

M Lundsten
Design Platform

Works as a design expert and has had primary responsibility for the design of the SCM Secure as a learning platform in collaboration with Henrik Lindberg.

K Breton
Sound and Programming

Works with programming with a primary focus on the sound which is his area of expertise.

Our office

SCM Secure has its office in Alvik, a modern office area with proximity to the center of Stockholm.

All services within SCM Secure are developed in collaboration with individuals from the educational sector in order to achieve a professional environment within the system.