New course in Outdoor pedagogy

Our sedentary lifestyle challenges the capacity for natural movement that our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

Outdoor pedagogy can be part of the solution to the problems that lack of physical activity causes!

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The SCM Secure registration of Hand ID is done with encryption and is the basis for a higher dimension of security.

Picture  DIARY table

Users can easily put papers or 3D objects on the table. These are saved directly to their individual digital picture archive, without login.

Drop off & Retrieve

Parents can update when they drop off or retrieve their child from school via the hand sensor, without logging in to the system.

Exam table

Already at test submission a secure transfer is made from paper to digital, so that the teacher can start assessment immediately.


A setup which enables both paper and 3D objects to be fed into the system easily and stored as digital, accessible objects.

Flipped Classroom Manager – Recording

Tools for lecturers where a lesson and its presentation materials can easily be recorded and distributed to the selected course.

Flipped Classroom Manager – Playback

Tool that lets students take part in lectures and other course material where, when they can not be physically present.


Teacher certification is recommended for correct handling of the platform and to strengthen the legally secure grading.
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Applying the latest technology, SCM Secure achieves a strong authentication for their applications, where hand recognition is in focus. Hand recognition provides a unique ID for users and is extremely difficult to forge.

The technology provides a more unique pattern than the fingerprint, resulting in a more secure ID verification. Nor is it possible to forge hand patterns, as with fingerprint and ID cards.

The hand sensor detects the unique pattern of veins in the hand and stores it in an encrypted form in a database.

To verify the identity, the user only needs to put his hand on the sensor, which recognizes the hand pattern and identifies the user directly. It's easy, fast and accessible as no physical contact is required by the user. In this way the user will not have to login with traditional credentials.

The sensor is extremely accurate and more reliable than a fingerprint.

Key benefits:

Secure, since veins are very difficult to imitate or copy as they lie beneath the skin.

Hygiene. The durable sensor is equipped with hygiene disks that can be replaced and washed to preserve hygiene. The sensor can also be used without the disks with distance, still being hygienic.

Simple, as the user will not have to log in with normal login procedures, but only needs to put their hand over the hand sensor to be identified.

The SCM Secure Applications also use hand recognition in certain selected situations in order to automate processes for handling of information. This can be situations where users only needs to identify themselves with their hand and then the system is updated automatically, for instance with logging their presence. The use of hand recognition allows for physical operations to be registered in the system without having to log into the system with login name and password.

Handling of paper in different situations is involved and provides the foundation for a seamless transfer from paper to accessible digital information. The seamless transfer of information from paper to digital form saves time for both teachers and students, as all information can be easily entered into the system and is easily accessible.

The SCM Secure registration of Hand-ID is done with encryption and is the basis for a higher dimension of security.

Picture Diary table

The picture table is an application that makes it easy to save creations as digital images for individuals or selected groups within the school.

The application is intended for use in a place where a web camera and/or scanner is mounted. The place is used to easily upload creations such as drawings, paintings or clay figures. After hand identification the creation is saved digitally in the user's individual picture diary.

Staff can also use the site to easily identify themselves with their hand, and then select which group or specific individual for which the creation is relevant.

Thus, it becomes a single portal for teachers to save digital creations.

The images are available digitally for staff and guardians, as a flow of images with a history, which then clearly shows the creations over time, on individual as well as on group level.

Drop off & retrieve

The Drop Off & Retrieve-application is used to relieve teachers as well as to provide a safe check on presence/absence within the school.

With SCM Secure, educators can check and update presence as retrieved or dropped off for individual pupils in school.

This can be made easier when the Drop Off & Retrieve application is set up at selected locations such as entrances or exits for easy accessibility.

Applikationen används av vårdnadshavare som snabbt själva kan registrera om man hämtar eller lämnar sitt barn från skolan. 

The application can be used by guardians who quickly can sign on when they retrieve or leave their child in school.

Examination scanning

The examination table makes tests written on paper available digitally in a seamless process, already when the student submits the test paper to the examiner.

The examination table is easy to set up at places where tests are written such as exam halls and classrooms. The station consists of a computer, a hand sensor and a scanner.

When submitting tests written on paper the student only needs to identify themselves with their hand and then the scanned test is stored digitally within the system.

The process has an increased security with the hand sensor and relieves the examiner, who only needs to approve the execution.

Digitalisation station

Digitalisation stations create a place that makes it easy to save materials in the learning platform by the users, who only needs to identify their hand, and then choose where the material will be stored.

The station employs several image sources depending on needs.

Webcam - makes it possible to store three-dimensional objects.

Scanner - makes it possible to easily scan numerous papers to the right place with the push of a button.

Book scanner - specifically designed to save open books in good quality, which are then available in the learning management system in the selected location.

The application is designed for the user to only have to identify with their hand and then with three mouse clicks to choose where in the learning management system to store their images which then become digitally available for the relevant target groups.

Flipped Classroom Manager – Recording

Flipped Classroom Manager is a tool that makes it easier for lecturers to easily record lectures and make them available within courses and its students.

With three clicks the teacher can easily record, save, and and upload the lecture as video or audio files. The material will be available for participants to consume just after a few minutes.

Flipped Classroom Manager also makes it easy to connect and upload PDF files, images, source code and other documents specifically related to a lecture.

Flipped Classroom Manager gives sound and images a natural and accessible location within the learning platform. Flipped Classroom Manager makes the recording process, which was previously time-consuming, a natural and easy process.

Flipped Classroom Manager digitalises lectures which are also integrated with the learning management system. Lectures become a collection of information relating to each lecture. The collections are a supportive foundation for students who can then take part of relevant course material as well as discussion forums.

Participants do not have to rush with taking notes but can instead focus on listening and discussing during lectures and seminars.

As a teacher you have full control over your digitialised material and can choose what can be downloaded and saved by the participants and what can be used for a limited period.

Flipped Classroom Manager – Playback

For the student Flipped Classroom Manager is a tool that reduces the otherwise high threshold to get into their study.

With just one click the student is inside system via computer, tablet, or smartphone, and is ready to take part in lectures and course materials where, when and how they want.

Flipped Classroom Manager also allows the student to follow the course from home in case of absence, on the way to and from school via podcast or when they for different reasons can not physically attend lectures and seminars.

Flipped Classroom Manager also provides a specially designed questionnaire chat where issues directly linked to the lecture can be commented on and answered by all.

Certified Grading

The education platform has been planned and designed by highly educated teachers in order for the platform to provide a strong support to the formative learning and legally secure grading.

A course to certify educators has been designed and is recommended for using platform correctly, so that teachers are strengthened in legally secure grading.